Roast dinners (with turkey), the last of the puzzles and sparklers on our last day at Coffs.

We started preparing for our elaborate 'last dinner' in the early afternoon, before we left for our Muttonbird Island adventure.

Steamed vegetables, cheesy potato bake, roast turkey, pumpkin soup and gravy. There's something rather special about cooking with a group of friends and eating what you made yourself.

I didn't really participate as much in the completion of the second puzzle as I was part of the dinner prep team, but they really finished the second puzzle in barely two days' worth of free time. The last piece...

Two 1000 piece puzzles completed in 5 days' worth of spare time. Quite an effort, I have to say c:

Then we had a bit of fun with slow shutter speeds. GHOST PEOPLE! (what you didn't see was all of us running around trying to be the right amount of blurry, as M took the photo)

Obligatory sparklers (we got cheated by one of the packs - it said 8 and we only got 7!).

Fitting for the last day of 2012 (is it really?). That was the last of the Coffs Harbour posts - hope you enjoyed the photographs. There will be photos in higher res on my Deviantart and Flickr if you're interested.

Happy New Years in advance~ I'm happy I managed to keep updating this blog for so long. I hope some of the content has been enjoyable - feel free to drop me a comment with suggestions.

Off to enjoy a family dinner and watch the annual fireworks off the Harbour Bridge from my uncle's balcony. I'll save the wild parties for next year.