Practising realism... there are still discrepancies when you put the ref and the image together and it BOTHERS ME --> _, steps. Some parts look like Changmin when you zoom in? Sort of? Unfortunately, I'm rarely creative with realism practise, so it's just...trying to imitate the reference as closely as possible.

I actually wanted to draw this picture of Changmin using traditional media /maybe I will/. There's something rather sad about his gaze.

Inspired by kazeki's style, which I recently discovered. SO GORGEOUS  I originally set out to do a colour picture and was trying to follow one of her process gifs...except then I ended up getting really invested in the black and white stage. I'll try again using her method soon~

I've noticed SAI-produced works have a really painterly quality to them, like if you're sketching with a pencil, pressing harder would mean you have darker colours. Doing this on CS5, I have to change the base colour to 30% or 50% opacity, eyedropper tool and then I can use a brush with 100% opacity. Even then, I'm stuck with one colour. I'm not sure if there's a better way to use Photoshop that I'm not grasping or if that's one of its limitations. Photoshop seems good for soft colour and cell shading, but annoying for realism.

Then again, it's the person, not the tool so...more practice!  -->

フンッ!(ノ ̄^ ̄)ノ ┳┳  ┻┻