If you're aiming for a relaxing, loosely scheduled holiday like we were, holiday houses really make or break the experience.

I've lived in several rented holiday houses over the years, usually with family, and I can honestly say that Clareview was the best 'home' I've stayed at yet.

The location was basically amazing - literally a 5 minute walk down to the park and the beach and a 5 minute drive to the main part of town.

The house itself was gorgeous - huge verandah, glass doors that opened out to the balcony, an open plan living & dining room, tasteful interior design (loved our bedsheets) and furnished brilliantly. Everything just felt clean, simple and open.

There were all these small details that made the stay so amazing. There were an abundance of towel racks, cupboards, shelves and hooks in the bathroom, which is such a relief when you're sharing a bathroom with 4 other people. All these information pamphlets were readily available (we stocked it up with even more from the Info centre - you literally do not have to visit it now).

There were iPod speakers and complimentary towels, linens and soaps. The house had one of the best-stocked entertainment cupboard I've encountered; we found a whole collection of Pixar and family movies, board games and Stieg Larsson books in one of the bedrooms (not that...we read it...). There was a piano downstairs, and an amazing amount of kitchen appliances and barbeque facilities.

The restriction for staying at this house is that the group cannot be a schoolies group (which we weren't) and that there are no big house parties. It'd be ideal for families though.

The only real problem with the stay, I suppose, was that it was way too easy to just laze around the place all day and enjoy the sunshine and feeling of the sea breeze throughout the house.

Also, maybe some fly-screens for the doors to the verandah because we wanted to have some air during the evening but didn't want to let all the bugs inside.

It was an amazing house and great stay. Would definitely recommend people to consider it, if you're going to vacation at Coffs Harbour.

I've decided to break up the Coffs trip roughly into themed posts - alternating between picture-heavy photoblogs where there isn't much to say other than AWESOME SCENERY, and more writing-heavy recount-based posts. Next up...probably FOOD (Part 1)