Donuts: Mister Donut

Ice-cream: Asakusa corn ice cream

Sweet potato cakes: Asakusa

Cake: Ginza Cozy Corner


Many of the places featured here I only had one or two photos for, so I couldn't include an image 'preview' for all of them.


Numerous friends recommended Mister Donut to me before going to Japan and they were absolutely right - at least for the original glazed type with the characteristic rings. We tried a few of the other varieties, which had a more conventional flavour and texture and I didn't enjoy them much (the golden one you see here...the golden flecks are sugar).

I am not a donut person at all so it was a hugely pleasant surprise. The texture is chewy and amazingly light. That being said, having about two was more than enough for me (combined with other food).

Mister Donut (Shimokita branch) Opening: 07:00~01:00


Disregard the haters - corn ice-cream is really nice (though I usually get the Korean variety in Sydney). This was not among the best I've ever tasted but the store had a very interesting way of making their corn ice-cream - prepackaged in a little tub to be pressed into the machine and squeezed out. It's probably the more budget way but it's an experience, nonetheless.

It was a small stall out of a store in Asakusa...I honestly cannot remember the name ): Take a wander


And to continue the theme of making desserts from vegetables, these were famous sweet potato cakes (imokin) offered in Asakusa. I believe the store was Mangando, even though I didn't take a photo of the shop name and the location on the map seems slightly off... You walk into the shopping strip running perpendicular to the main road up Senso-ji and look out for the sweet potato theme.

The cake's texture had a slightly denser consistency than sponge cake, though it felt like sponge cake to touch, and it was surprisingly substantial. It was quite sweet for me, with a milky/buttery undertone. Very lovely. It was a shame we were too full from the corn ice-cream and lunch to fit in the sweet potato ice-cream.

Mangado (Asakusa) Website


You will see Ginza Cozy Corner branches in shopping centres and large train stations. We ate at the Coral Mitaka branch, which had a small space sectioned off for 'eat in' orders.

The autumn flavours of Japan this year were yuzu and maple, usually for the sweet things. This maple-flavoured cake was a beautiful combination of textures - fluffy cream, cheesecake, chewy maple caramel and crumble at the base. Definitely an absolute recommendation.

Ginza Cozy Corner (Coral Mitaka Branch) Website | Mitaka branch 東京都三鷹市下連雀3-35-1 三鷹コラル店1F Opening: 10:00~21:00