In a break from your regularly scheduled travel blog programming, I recently had the pleasure of illustrating some of The Holistic's products in a collaboration to celebrate the launch of their Kickstarter.

Living well has always been about taking care of yourself, emotionally and physically. And if you have a sensitive constitution like I do, what you eat (and how well you sleep/de-stress) plays a huge part in how good you feel. While I can't say I'm ready to 100% embrace the vegan lifestyle, there has definitely been great value in learning to appreciate and even enjoy vegetables and healthy alternatives (says the girl who staunchly refused to taste an avocado until she was 19 and has now become an avocado monster).

The Holistic cakes are all about their healthy components (while also being gluten-free, vegan and free of refined sugars and preservatives, if that sort of language appeals to you) so I took a deconstructed approach to illustrating their Chia seed and Blueberry Parfait and their iconic Feel Good Cake. It's been a busy couple of weeks of uni and way too many months of photo-editing so it felt good to pick up a tablet pen and get to doodling (did someone also say 'death by illustrating golden syrup and cocoa powder'?)

After spending six years of high school with Alice, one half of the Holistic's founders, I can confirm you're in extremely capable and dedicated hands. If you are a US resident and the concept of The Holistic appeals to you, go here to back their project. If you're stuck in Sydney like me, you can give their exclusive recipes a try.

Definitely watch this video of their travels through Boston, Dubai, Helsinki, Kyoto and Sydney as they serve the cakes to get locals' opinions; colour me jealous of their jetsetting market research, because some of that footage is to die for.