Two defining features of our trip: food and puzzles.

Making food for dinner is a lot more fun when you're doing it with lots of friends or, in my case, taking photos of your friends doing all the hard work.

I think our banter, random shenanigans and careful food preparation was a little too elaborate though - our average dinner time was 9pm. Given that late dinner, average bedtimes and lazy university student habits, we averaged about two meals per day

1st night: Barbeque, Caeser salad, mashed potato

2nd day 'brunch' (aka. lunch): jelly made from various drinks + fruit bits, ham and cheese toasties and leftover meat from the barbeque

The 1000 piece puzzle we decided to begin on the first day. Being highly competitive people who are easily able to focusing single-mindedly on one task didn't help at all in this respect. Pretty sure we sat down to begin the puzzle, then looked up and wondered why it was dark outside.

Progress after the first day.