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It's no secret that froyo has become a Very Big Thing in Sydney over the past few years.

Most of the appeal for me is feeling like the kid at the candy store with a bowl of cool (somewhat 'healthy') yoghurt and a colourful world of possibility spread out in neat compartments in front of me.

So here's a general and personal guide to froyo. My go-to froyo chain is Yogurberry but my favourite store is, by far, the brilliant myFroyo and I go whenever I get the chance to pop by Chatswood. All pictures were taken at myFroyo so definitely read my WeekendNotes review on the store if you're on the lookout for an amazing Froyo place.

I wanted to try a new art style in a ridiculously cutesy, clean-lined format. Took me back to the beginning of Year 7...but a bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone, right?

I stand firmly by the 'self-serve' chains when it comes to froyo. Yes, the froyo you make will probably not be very photogenic but I love the ability to freely choose how much you want, to put multiple toppings and you can be as meticulous as you like with the amount.

  PRO TIP: If you're at self-serve froyo chains, go for gold and get multiple flavours in the one cup! But make sure the flavours complement each other (unless you are all about the which case, knock down the international borders in your stomach and go for it).

I like to go for two general types of froyo, depending on my mood and the weather:


  • 'Cream based' Froyo: These are basically froyo combinations that are primarily sweet and chocolate-y and are more traditionally 'creamy' and biscuit-based
    • Toppings: Oreo pieces, cookie dough, chocolate pieces, crumble, wafers, cereals, marshmallows, coconut shavings, nuts.
    • Froyo flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Taro, White Chocolate, Pistachio
    • Fruits that go with these combinations: Strawberry, peach
  • 'Fruit based' Froyo: Froyo combinations that favour fruity, tangier flavours
    • Toppings: Fruits, syrup pearls, coconut shavings, nuts, gummy bears, mochi, fruit syrup
    • Froyo flavours: All fruit flavours, vanilla, taro, green tea
  • Favourite froyo flavours - Taro, Mango, Pistachio, Burnt fig and salted caramel (a myFroyo exclusive)
  • Gummy bears - You want to make that froyo last? Anything you can chew on will make the whole thing more of a meal and last way longer. Gummy bears work with both 'cream-based' and 'fruit-based' combinations
  • Mini M&Ms - I'm generally ambivalent about M&Ms but mini ones are actually the best things ever. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? I DON'T UNDERSTAND!
  • Peach pieces - Work so well with most flavours, especially the fruity yoghurt flavours
  • Crumble - I love a coating of crumble. The whole point of froyo, for me, is to play with textures and flavours of toppings so this makes a perfect complement to a cool, smooth scoop of yoghurt
  • Syrup pearls - They're not for everyone, but I love the texture of these and the burst of syrup flavour when you break them. I don't get too many, but they're just a fun textured topping to eat with the froyo. If you like fish roe on your sushi or sashimi, this is the large, sweet version.
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - Let me just say these are not common in Australia and you have to go to specialty sweet stores to get them, so it's amazing that myFroyo has them on stock for the price of regular toppings

If you're at myFroyo, you can get 'froyocream' - froyo in an ice-cream cone. And if you have a super creative friend like J, you can get bear froyo with a chocolate jellybean nose ; v ;