So Ariadne, the beast is yours

#Inktober has finally come to an end and even though I hardly managed the 'one drawing per day' command, this is still the most art I've produced consistently so it was, all in all, a very fun project and, most of all, it finally pushed me to complete the mini Moleskine that a friend bought me... for my 16th birthday (oops).

I have the tendency to focus just on the form of something without really conceiving of it as a complete artwork so I was really trying to view the work as a whole, using composition and negative space. Forgive the ugly Japanese/Korean handwriting =v=

I surprised myself by being super fanart-y, reverting back to my manga style and doing profile shots a lot. Then again, you can't really do any complex shading with thick ink pens... CJ Hendry would say otherwise but...well, there's a reason her artwork sells for $50k+ a pop.

I had Red Light stuck in my head for about 5 days and decided to do something about it. Would have been a much better song if the chorus didn't sound it was pieced on from a different song.

Forgetting how Loveless is a super messed up manga and has been running for like 12 years and still shows no sign of any plot progression... Michiyuki is a hauntingly beautiful song (actually, a lot of the Loveless anime soundtrack is gorgeous. Take a listen).

I'm almost exclusively a Bleach manga reader... Gin's arc is still genuinely one of my favourites, especially the literal page of his bankai release. Masterful composition and storytelling... the entire chapter plays out basically like a movie climax (which is really is).

The artwork below is a good example of the danger of using ink... There was a section in this artwork that I regretted doing, the moment I put the pen to paper... but yay for Photoshop. There are a couple I haven't scanned all on my Instagram.

I don't know how they all managed to be vertical...I swear I did more horizontal ones. Finishing it off with a piece that was not Inktober at all - listened to Lorde on repeat while drawing this, as you may be able to tell