Perhaps it's because our time in Osaka was so short or that our food forays were mostly focused on finding the best okonomiyaki in Osaka and trying as many varieties as possible...but if you had to ask me what my favourite takoyaki place in Japan was, I would say the Gindako Takoyaki chain in Tokyo.

I agree: what?

Hear me out.

Ten days in Tokyo as opposed to one in Osaka. A cold morning in Hamamatsucho and a late start to the day with no food. Chancing upon the Gindako takoyaki bar, replete with a whole range of beer stations, other Japanese 'snack' foods and curious 'standing' tables to maximise customer turnover, no doubt during rush hours.

Fresh, piping hot takoyaki straight off the grill - wonderfully crispy on the outside and gooey deliciousness with huge octopus chunks in the middle, topped with a perfect dollop of Kewpie mayo. And my certain fondness for Gindako's product advertising throughout all of SPEC.

Can you blame us?

There are those certain moments when all the stars align and you get a culinary experience that cannot be replicated ever again. This was one of them.

To be fair, we had Gindako again in its Asakusa branch (*cough later in the day cough*) and it does a darn good job of almost getting to that experience again

This was the egg topping. I have to say - nothing beats the original, but this was still very decent

I'm sure there are more places where you can find heavenly takoyaki - most likely an unexplored corner of Osaka that we surely missed. Or even at the Takoyaki museum, which we totally forgot about during our Odaiba adventures.

But if you're dropping by Tokyo for a few days (hours?) and are in sore need of a pick-me-up meal, you can't really go wrong with Gindako, wherever the branch.

Gindako Takoyaki Website 2-3-33 Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo