Element 6 on Urbanspoon

Trying out the fabled granola from element 6 cafe with M and Sah - lovely, charming place with great food, great decor and definitely worth another visit. Or several.

The waiters were attentive and friendly, I loved the quirks in the interior decor (parachute door handles!) and the whole place was just bright, open and airy.

I am also now a newly enlightened granola lover. The granola was crunchy and generously varied, extremely filling (definitely enough for breakfast) and the yoghurt tasted fresh.

More coffee later on when M joined us, in which there were cheesy Japanese Valentines Day greeting cards made (せんぱい〜 私のこと忘れないでくれ♡) and general funtimes were had.

Laughing so hard at the ~INFINITY GAZE~ of this picture. Should be a HSC Belonging text.

And then I tore the cardboard decorating my chai tea latte cup and attempted to make a cardboard rose. Mildly successful from above?