Hana Hana: Affordable, no frills Japanese food in a great environment. Not much more to ask for when you're looking for a place for a quick, light lunch in the city.

We went to the branch at Shop 4 & 5, 339 Sussex St, Sydney 2000 I had great teenagerhood memories of the French Riveria that used to be where Hana Hana is now and I love what Hana Hana has done to the interior. Simple, well lit, airy environment.

The place reminds me of Menya Mappen's 'conveyer belt' style self-service. Electronic touch screens up the efficiency in true Japanese style, not that there was a huge rush of patrons at lunch hour.

Hana Hana's menu is not particularly distinctive, but they have a solid selection of udon and soba, some basic ramen, rice dishes (including curry) and okonomiyaki, as well as some fried dishes (karaage, croquette, takoyaki, tempura etc.).

If you're like me and don't eat that much, the half portion ('small') option is the most perfect quality of the menu - and it's something I've only seen at Takeru. Half the price and no wasted food (and more variety if you choose a lot of small dishes).

My small beef don and takoyaki totaling barely $5.80, from memory. The takoyaki was a little on the warm side, instead of 'piping hot', which made me think it'd been sitting there for awhile after being cooked. But it was still quite nice - though obviously not the best.

Abalone salad - very chewy and the sauce was lovely They had a pretty big selection of cold dishes - from salads to sashimi - and Japanese drinks.

Return your tray and you get a stamp on your card...and you get a free bukkake with every five stamps. It's really not that much effort, seriously!

Dessert is available to order upstairs (where fifteen of us once used to share a huge ice-cream scoop bowl at French Riveria) and delivered to you.

I didn't try any dessert but everything looked fairly affordable and tempting (waffles, crepes, ice-cream, cream cheese pancakes, parfaits all around $5 to $6).

And, to top it off, the most adorable foam art on my friend's hot black sesame latte ($3.50).

Hana Hana is definitely becoming a repeat visit.