Because my Game of Thrones/ASOIAF obsession has coincided with a spurt of DBSK fangirling so...the Cassiopeia Coat of Arms! (someone please think of a slogan a la GoT house slogans ( ゚▽゚)

References for meanings + symbols found at fleur de lis. I also referenced the Tohoshinki Tone Tour logo found on the goods (mostly for the position of the sun).


  • Do not remove the watermark
  • Feel free to use the crest to make your own wallpapers (I've included the lineart under the cut) but please link back to this blog post and do not remove the watermark (you can add your own though), especially if you're posting on Tumblr. Also, it would be nice for you to comment here and link me to your version so I can add it here (:
  • If you would like different sizes, you can comment here with the dimensions (and I may be a bit slow with them. Sorry!)
  • Please allow for some creative liberty for how well the design conforms to coat of arms traditions. This is mostly an aesthetic design and is not supposed to be totally 'accurate' in terms of its layout and placement of the symbols.

Symbols and their meanings

  • Dragon - Valiant defender of treasure
  • Pegasus - Poetic genius and inspiration. Messenger of God (or 'the Gods'?).
  • Sun - rising... /gets bricked/
  • Furs (the dots in the bottom section of the crest) - Mark of dignity
  • Swords - Justice and honour
  • Stars - Cassiopeia formation-ish
  • Crown - Self-explanatory

WALLPAPER: 1280 x 800