I've always found it funny that the Shawol fan-name was taken from an actual album name. Also, 'House SHINee World' doesn't sound quite right, since SHINee World is, itself, an entity. Technicalities aside, I'm glad I finally finished this one ;v; SHINee was the first /group/ I really became a fan of, and that opened up a lot of doors to wider fandom. I love this awkward ~*sparkly*~ group and all its members. My other OT5 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I struggled a lot with deciding what symbols should represent SHINee as a 'whole' and then I was like I DO WHAT I WANT °□° Please read my explanation for each symbol under the cut before you get offended.


  • Do not remove the watermark
  • Feel free to use the crest to make your own wallpapers (I've included the lineart under the cut) but please link back to this blog post and do not remove the watermark (you can add your own though), especially if you're posting on Tumblr. It would be nice for you to comment here and link me to your version so I can add it here (: 
  • I didn't really bother with wallpapers (there's on 1280x800 one under the cut) this time since I didn't get any requests for the Cassiopeia one. If you want something else, comment here
  • Please allow for some creative liberty. This is mostly an aesthetic design and is not supposed to be totally 'accurate' in terms of its layout and placement of the symbols. 

Symbols (referenced fleur de lis)

  • Unicorn - Extreme courage, virtue and strength. Personally, I see it as a symbol of rarity. A group like SHINee with their terribly embarrassing but somewhat endearing name is hard to come by. 
  • Gem/Diamond/Jewel - Supremacy. Also, it's...shiny /badum-tissh/ 
  • Torches - Life; zealousness; engaging in signal service; truth and intelligence. Basically vitality, which reflects SHINee's youthful, ~*contemporary*~ image 
  • Bow and arrow - War, power, ability to hit a target. To me, it also represents precision. 
  • Wings - Swiftness and protection

Found the colour via Google Images. Hoping it's the right one.

WALLPAPER (1280 x 800)