I Wrote This For You will end, for now

Every once in awhile, you stumble upon something truly special.

I don't quite remember how I found IWTFY, but I remember the feeling. The indescribable simultaneous feeling of having stumbled across something to share with everyone and, yet, would be deeply personal. The happiness that someone both gets it and has things to teach me.

But you're you, with your own journey to keep walking. The least I can do is see you off with a smile and an assurance I will be cheering you on in anything you choose to do. I will be writing too, aspiring to affect people like you affected me.

Thank you for giving me words I didn't know I needed.

Thank you for the small things - the comforting presence on my tumblr dash or twitter newsfeed, the posts that have inspired my own writing, graphics and art - and for the big, unexpected moments where my breath caught and I just sat and breathed as the words hit and resonated somewhere raw and deep inside.

Thank you for teaching me the power of simplicity. The strength that can run through a single sentence.

Thank you for writing this for me, for us, for you.

I hope this is not goodbye.