Is that original artwork? Yes it is o:

Inspired by Tablo's 'Dear TV' from Fever's End (해열). Love the album, love the lyrics; was listening to the song on repeat while drawing this, so they've been carved into my mind. 

The world is your aphrodisiac so you stay turned on, every minute every second I breathe. You weaponise greed, kill me with incessant 'I needs', got me checkin' out those, and checkin' out these...   Unfortunately, it didn't make the finalists list of the Yen Female Art Award 2013, but that's okay - there were so many amazing entries. I'm barracking for Cusp by Jennifer Von Klitzing or Preserved Containers by Georgina Cockshott to win.

Exam period is coming up soon. I may go two ways - loads of artwork as a procrastination and sanity-preserving practice or none at all. Stay tuned to the tweets for developments.

Side note: I believe People's Choice is still open, so if you like this artwork, give me a vote? c: