XIA Incredible at Luna Park - quite frankly, a brilliant concert ಥ‿ಥ

All photos taken with my phone (which was rapidly losing battery so I had to switch it off for most of the concert). Any bigger the photos get pretty grainy and blurry so I've restricted it to smaller sizes, but hope you guys enjoy. Please credit if using (:

EDIT: So I found out today (30/09/13) that Junsu got the drawing I did for him thanks to Miss Jamaica from SBS PopAsia. I don't think words can properly convey how happy this made me today. Thank you so much ♥ (and now in motion!)

I arrived at Luna Park at 1:30PM for a 6:00PM concert to be greeted with an entire boardwalk already full of umbrellas and fans in the blazing sunlight. 

The waiting process was hot and tiring and very little productive work got done, to be honest. It got better as the sun began to set, but some people had been waiting there for 10+ hours by then. It would be nice to stop the vicious cycle of competitive waiting though, even though I totally understand why people do it.

Admittedly, there are definitely worse places to wait.

JYJ Australia handed out cheer packs and little finger lights to make a red ocean, which was super nice of them (:

The stage was covered by a white cloth, so I had no idea how close or far the stage was until the concert began. It was a huge shock as the white sheet in front of the stage fell away to reveal Junsu sitting on a throne in his Tallentallegra trenchcoat. He felt a little larger than life at first when he walked to the edge of the stage.

Considering when I arrived, I got a really good spot in the moshpit, close to the center and maybe 3-4 rows from the fence. A girl in front of me brought a stool and her head blocked my immediate line of sight so I had to keep leaning back or to the side to see him through the arms and lightsticks...hence sore waist.

The physicality of the crowd was a new experience...I've never been in a moshpit before (I know, I will go to more concerts) so I was not expecting the intensity of the press of bodies and that feeling of the crowd shifting around you like an ocean of movement and sound. But it was also fun, despite the heat, despite almost falling over at one point bc of the crush of the crowd, there was that atmosphere of joy and raging hormones excitement to be surrounded by such passion and energy.

Having Junsu so close made me itch or the camera to try and capture that sense of proximity, but I tried my best to observe instead of record or take photos. It did made me wish, for the millionth time, that we could take photos of what our eyes see - there were moments when the lighting and Junsu's position were utterly perfect.

I was close enough to see the sweat on Junsu's face, the smiles and quirks of concentration that would cross his mouth while dancing. The eyeshadow shades and colours on his lids. His skin was so clear - though unsure if stage makeup - but I could see his forehead wrinkling as he belted out notes and the veins in his neck. His smile was all that it is said to be - lights up the room - and he seemed to have a lot of fun.

We were too close to see the images on the big screen - just dots of vague colour swathes that we dubbed the potato videos because you could have recorded it with a potato for all we could see.

Junsu's voice...oh man, worth the money. I get it - the emotion and the technique that is even more impressive live. As cheesy as it sounds, his voice has a way of reaching into the soul and filling the room. I still have 11AM ringing in my ears, the lyrics I only vaguely knew crystal clear now. The crowd was completely silent during that song and it was so gorgeous - no words.

I wasn't as familiar with some of his newer songs but he sang No Gain (!!!) and I died. There were a lot of ballads, which was great because he was still for photos and it was a chance to appreciate his voice. A lot of them were from his new album so I wasn't as familiar with them. Incredible is...well, incredibly different live and I loved it a lot more than the actual MV - it's one of those songs that shine as club hits.

He hugged a male dancer at the end of Fantasy and single-handedly sunk all the ships by saying afterwards 'Don't misunderstand, I like girls'.

The MC portion was very cute, if short. He asked for people to request three wishes and one person asked for a birthday song, which he said was too personal. Then everyone shouted for him to do the Gwiyomi song which he hesitated for a long time over.

He was so embarrassed about it, repeated that 'guys are making a 28-yr-old man do this' and told the guys in the audience to look away (no one cares Junsu, really - be secure in your masculinity!). Though I do wish people would request something different? Then he triumphantly pointed to a guy in the audience for the final question only for the guy to request him do a sexy dance lmao.

I felt like I made pseudo-eye contact with Junsu a few times while he was performing but that's probably wishful thinking - more likely he was looking at the girl on the stool in front of me all those times (=_=)

He finished with Incredible and then everyone shouted for ages for him to do an encore - he came back out to perform Fever and then tried to justify that he had to end the concert now, even though he wanted to perform until morning with us.

I think everyone made a pretty convincing argument for the latter - he was like, 'your parents will be worried' and someone pointed out their mother in the audience, then he said, 'your boyfriends must be worried' (lmao) and everyone was like 'IT'S OKAY!' (and some girls had their boyfriends in the audience) and then he was about to use 'tomorrow is a schoolday' before remembering it was Saturday.

But eventually he ended with 'Sorry' (미안) and it was beautiful...and appropriate.

Definitely an experience I did not regret, despite the high ticket prices. So much love and still jamming to his songs. Personal goal: 3/5 down...2 to go ヽ(;▽;)ノ