We enjoyed a huge amount of hospitality at Jitokko Kumiai (じとっこ組合) - loosely translated to Jitokko Association - which was a branch of restaurant that specialises in chicken from the Miyazaki region of Japan. I assume it's either a chain with the same name or a series of restaurants that use the same Miyazaki Jitokko chicken.

The store was gorgeously decorated and the servers and cooks had the adorable habit of shouting a friendly greeting in unison when a customer enters and loud 'thank you's to customers who leave.

The waiter who helped us order did his best to explain the dishes to us, once he realised we were foreigners. I'm not sure if the place is particularly excellent for English speakers who want to ask about the menu but the menu has English translations so simply ordering should not be a problem

Fresh vegetables to be dipped in their special miso paste, which was a combination of beans and miso.

These chips were made from a type of vegetable - some sort of melon (which the waiter attempted to explain but my Japanese vocabulary did not extend to that word). The chips were very thin and light to eat.

This was the Jitokko char-grilled chicken, one of their most famous dishes. The taste is unique but not so out there that it's inaccessible to people used to Western flavours. The chicken was tender and delicious
I admit, I was not game enough to try their Chicken breast tataki with Hyuga ponzu sauce (ponzu being grated radish), which came in a set with the char-grilled chicken but I was assured by V and S that it was delicious
We had just about finished the meal when our waitress came up to us and gave us this adorable little 'bonus' gift that was basically rice mixed with the leftover sauce and oil of our chicken dish, with thanks written on in mayonnaise.
It was super lovely and unexpected of them and they also gave us a small box of the special miso paste to take home ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Jitokko Kumiai (じとっこ組合) Website | English menu of the Ikebukuro branch 〒155-0031 東京都世田谷区北沢2-15-3 中村ビル1F Opening: 17:00 ~ 1:00 (AM)