An impulsively chosen, newly opened Japanese-cuisine restaurant 'Katsu', located along Crown St, Surry Hills (not to be confused with Katsu Yachiyo).

It was an aesthetically pleasing place - simple, refreshing decor - but still has quite a few kinks to iron out in service and food quality.

The 'congratulations on your restaurant opening' flowers were still blooming along the counter, so I don't think the restaurant is locatable on Google yet. A walk along Crown St should bring you there.

There was the slight awkwardness of a new restaurant in several aspects - the waitresses were friendly and tried their best, but were not entirely graceful with the menu and the owner/manager had to step in a few times to help with the English.

Pork Katsu don for $13.90

The restaurant gave me a solid, generous portion. Unfortunately, the ratio between topping and rice was still about 1:3. The sauce of the topping, thankfully, extended to the rest of the rice as well, which made the rice a lot easier to eat. Given the restaurant is called Katsu, I thought I might try a katsu of some sort but, sorry to say, I've had better. The meat (especially the batter) didn't taste freshly fried and was slightly overcooked.

The ramen my friends were having looked more appetising and arrived at our table so hot that the bowls ended up getting stuck to the wood.