I got a digital perm at KAYO in possibly the worst weather for a digital perm (cold, windy and rainy). Challenge accepted?

Awesome movie (minor problematic feminine stereotypes notwithstanding)

I'm going to try to translate my KAYO review into Japanese. I've stopped regularly studying Japanese for almost 9 months now and, unfortunately, my knowledge is getting patchy. If I've made any mistakes that you can see, it'd be amazing if you could correct my sentences in the comments c: I wasn't sure whether to use casual or polite form, so I've gone with polite (even though it looks a bit odd on my blog)

このKAYO reviewを日本語で通訳してみたいと思います。日本語はもう九月間止めたから色々な言葉は忘れてしまいました。通訳する時間違ったら下でコメントしてくれたらとても感謝しています。

The interior of the salon was simple, clean and refreshing.


My hairdresser was Ayaさん. The consultation took awhile because we started out speaking English but there was a bit of a language barrier because I was unsure about whether to dye my hair or get a digital perm. Eventually the receptionist (sorry! I forgot to ask his name!) came over and helped us translate a little and then I started giving my Japanese a work out, haha.

I'd never gotten a perm before and heard they were high maintenance, so I was slightly hesitant. But they assured me that maintenance wasn't too bad and that, in order to have the colour I wanted show up in my hair, I'd need to bleach it first. So eventually I went with a perm.


Hooked up to the digital perm machine

Right now, KAYO is having a special where first-time customers before March 29 get a free hair treatment so I also received that, before I started my perm.


I really dislike small curls or the frizzy, 'mermaid hair' look so I was a little worried...what I really wanted was just big, loose waves. Ayaさん assured me it wouldn't look like that so I sort of just left it to her and hoped for the best.


In total, the treatment, cut and perm took a little over 2.5hrs. When Ayaさん finished, my hair still wasn't completely dry and I was in a bit of a hurry to meet a friend, so I dazedly didn't ask why she left it partially wet. It was hard to see the shape at first, but it's a lot better once the hair dries.


Immediately after the perm with Ayaさん
Later that day + after 'first wash'
I haven't noticed any extreme dryness (my hair was already kind of dry when I got it permed so maybe I'm just used to the feeling though?). Ironically, my hair is less frizzy around the curled area...there's some frizziness near the top.
I was given a sample of a hair treatment to use and I've been using that (sparingly) on the ends of the hair. 
Overall, I'm happy about the results of the perm. It was certainly not cheap ($185), but I prefer to spend a little more money on hairdressers experienced with the technology. I also consider it an investment (the perm should last around 5-6 months, apparently...fingers crossed)

パームの結果が満足です〜 安くなかったけれど自分の体にとっていいサービスを取るのが一番大切だと信じます。