Just another normal reaction from watching SPEC Sho: shrieking a variation of ‘what. WHAT. OH MY GOD. What’ at the computer screen, actually flailing arms, banging on the table with a fist and making inhuman noises. Basically, it is awesome.

(MAJOR SPOILERS - BOTH TEXT AND IMAGE - UNDER THE CUT) (god, this took me about five hours to screencap, gif + edit .__.)

THOUGHTS (semi live-blogged)
  • Being worried Kase Ryo is going to actually burst a vein in his head because WHY is he always red oh my god. It must be exhausting to play Sebumi; he barely ever talks in a normal voice ;_; Also, he will forever be my Asian Joseph Gordon Levitt (a la Inception-era). LOOK AT HIM.
  • How tonally jarring was the entire thing? It’s very much in the SPEC style but it’s just so different from any other drama I’ve seen. It manages to go from SUPER SERIOUS to completely WTF in a split second. Not just weird. Not just random. Like WTF level random.
Vuvuzela men
  • And it still manages to be entertaining. It’s ridiculous. Like the whole dramatic scene and music when Toma first discovered her SPEC’ scene and it was suddenly like /needlescratch/ ‘…yo.’
'Is my attractiveness a dynamite sin?'
  • I hope Mirei gets a good resolution in Ten. It was an unexpected and depressing twist to her story because it sort of deconstructs the whole idealistic ‘I am going to University and working hard for the sake of my brother!’ goal in dramas. (but seriously, why would she hand herself in if she were a stalker .__.)
  • THE YAKUZA GUY IS HILARIOUS. ALSO, HIS HENCHMEN. Do you know how weird it is to see the srs detective from Galileo acting like that? Weird but hilarious? The entire ritual for the teleportation SPEC was so dumb it was hilarious. Especially when everyone did it (the Yakuza gang. I CAN’T EVEN. GIFS EVERYTHING)
  • F*CKING HELL I almost screamed when Toma used her SPEC for the first time arghghhhh I hate those full-black-eye contact lenses. CREEPY ASS SH*T
  • Youtsube… XD
  • You know, I never really shipped Sebumi/Toma up until now. Throughout the whole series, I sort of…the possibility was always there but they were too busy being epic dysfunctional partners with so many wacky expressions and comic moments between them that I had a hard time ever imagining they would have a quiet, emotional moment together. And Sebumi was about as cuddly and emotional as a cactus.
  • But now I have wholeheartedly jumped on the ship and elbowed the captain out of the way and now I am commandeering this ship, man. The rooftop scene.
  • The look he gave her as;flksajfsa; The look of genuine hurt. The use of music was brilliant in this drama that is so unpredictable with its tone. It’s a testament to the acting that a ‘normal’ Toma/Sebumi argument could suddenly become serious and tense and emotional. I was actually expecting him to kiss her but then I was like ‘It’s Sebumi. And Toma. As if he would. As if she’d let him. If he did, she’d probably punch him in the face.’ And then they had a serious argument and I was like oh god D: AND THEN MIREI. ILY FOREVER for making him have shippy flashbacks <3
  • But then. But then. It’s amazing because the ONE moment they got at the end was just. They’re standing with half a metre between them and it’s probably like the least romantic body language ever. But she hit him. He grabbed her hand. HE GRABBED HER HAND AND TOOK HER HAND AND SHE WAS CRYING AND HE WAS STOIC AND HAD AN EMOTIONLESS FACE BUT HE TOOK HER HAND AND ‘Your hand…is warm.’ Alkfjsf; and then I died. And sobbed incoherently. And then died again. Because honestly, this is all I need, really. They don’t need to be romantic and cuddly and cutesy. At the core, it’s a partnership because Sebumi and Toma will always be there for each other – to argue and bully each other mercilessly but, at the end of the day, no questions asked, they’re standing right beside each other, a bond between them. /drowns in cheesiness/
'Your warm'
  • I will studiously ignore the fact that Kikkawa was standing there and saw the entire thing.
  • Does the actress for Kuon Nozomi (Tanimura Mitsuki) ever get a nice non-villain role in the drama? She was the mean girl for 14sai no Haha and Mei-chan no Shitsuji. I swear she was also the mean girl in Nobuta but that was Hiiragi Rumi (they…sort of look alike?? Idek)
  • Wikipedias Kamiki Ryuunosuke’s age and WE ARE CHINGUS okay I am not a pedo-noona salfkjas Again, so freaking weird to see him be dorky and sassy (Singing AKB48. Nodding like ‘ohhhh’ after Touma reveals Nozomi’s identity. 'Pi'. WTF, 'Pi') after seeing 10 episodes of him as a deranged psychopath brutally murdering people. IDEK MAN.
  • But it was kind of awesome? I. I don’t even know. (When did he kind of become attractive? How do you make a turtleneck look good? HE HAS A REALLY GOOD BONE STRUCTURE? Oh god, I was watching him in Tantei Gakuen Q like yesterday ;_____;)


  • UNNO sensei LOLOLOL ‘That looks wrong ._.’ Thank you for saying what everyone was thinking

I was subscribing so wholeheartedly to darkeyedwolf’s theory that it was inevitable I was a bit disappointed ):

It made sense – the origins of her SPEC. (Though, of course, darkeyedwolf’s SPEC theory worked too…and kind of better NEGL I thought it explained her calligraphy and paper ritual, but I guess the writer’s are just like ‘she’s a genius AND she has an unrelated SPEC. DEAL WITH IT’) I like the point being made that ‘SPEC is borne from strong emotions’ and, of course, the original SPEC holder would have more power than Nozomi’s copy. I wasn’t expecting the SPEC to be so integrally tied to her left hand – and in hindsight, the hand (or lack of it) was kind of a very IN YOUR FACE hint at its importance I guess? I mean, it wasn’t as though the impairment of her left hand was inconspicuous. I guess we just saw the sling so often it’s easy to miss that OH HEY maybe it’s important to the plot!

I guess it was a good thing to make it so Toma’s IQ was not related to her SPEC – to really hammer in the point that she’s competent on her own and her SPEC is an even greater power that is unrelated. Though, of course, that means having to buy that her unassisted brain could piece together everything like that…idk. The whole paper tearing and piecing together the puzzle process seemed very ritualistic, which is typical of SPEC powers.

Nozomi raised a good point – ‘you’re worried you’ll become a monster if you use your SPEC more?’ – but there was no visible sign of Toma being affected by using her SPEC. The black eyes effect was CREEPY AS HELL, but it just seemed to pain her for a little bit before she was back to normal?? Idk I was hoping the stakes would be raised higher – like every time Toma used the SPEC, there would be a visible effect on her?

Overall, I wasn’t expecting her SPEC to be what it is, but I was happy with the decision she made except not because Toma’s SPEC has been blocked now and it's like a slow 'ohhhhh crap'.

I guess Nozomi explains why the SPEC holders were killed (and seriously, the bending down and licking people’s neck thing was gross)…except I’m not a huge fan of introducing new characters in specials that are suddenly revealed to be THE MASTERMIND OF ALL THINGS. It just feels a little…shortcut-y? If they had introduced Nozomi as a really minor character in the series (even just as a faceless person), I might have been more okay about it.

Then the whole Tsuda thing is flying over my head. I can’t be bothered to go back and check the episodes right now, but is ‘Tsuda’ really the same ‘Tsuda’? And ofc there’s the evil council of shadowy doom (it’s actually called The Imperial Council? KEKEKE) so…yes, that’s up to Tengoku to resolve, isn’t it?

  • I have a feeling the escaped SPEC users in the safe house will come into play in the movie. Is the white ghost lady Chiaki Kuriyama?
  • The Spanish insurance lady is a SPEC holder! WHAT DOES SHE DO?
  • Toma didn’t use her SPEC to summon Youta/Ninomae – not in the flashback and not when she was trying to stop the grenade – at least not the same way we saw her summon the other SPEC holders. He kind of just…appeared.
  • There’s always the chance that she did and the show was just cutting the process for brevity, but it seems…fishy, especially since everyone else made such a big deal about how Toma pulling them up by the hair hurt. And it would’ve taken her way too long to do the whole SPEC routine in both instances (with bullets heading towards her and with a grenade being thrown). Hmmm… I saw the trailer for Ten and apparently Youta/Ninomae’s coming back…so…HMMM
  • Nozomi got up and ran. WHERE?!

Conclusion? Bring on Ten ASAP ;___;!!