Kosuke, from Jamhouse, kindly arranged for us to stay at the nearby Rakuen House 楽縁 (literally a 3min walk from Jamhouse) for our last night in Kyoto because we couldn't stay at Jamhouse for that night.

This guest house is not listed on AirBnb so you're going to need to know a bit of Japanese to get through the booking process.

Check-in was a fairly informal process - we were allowed to leave our luggage at Rakuen House well before the check-in time (so we could go to Fushimi Inari for the day). They require you to fill out a form with your passport details and address but that's about it. Some of the owners speak a little English but it definitely feels more like a guest house for domestic Japanese travellers.

We were originally supposed to stay in the women's dorm, but there must have been a mix-up when booking because the room was full that night. Instead, we got a large tatami room to ourselves, with beautifully painted walls and ceilings.

The house is not huge and more narrow and long than wide, but it's bursting with bright, vibrant interesting things, from the painting on the walls to the volumes of manga lining the corridor.

The downside was that people sleeping in the next room had to use our room as a thoroughfare because a man was already asleep next to the proper entrance to that room. The sound divider between rooms is not great so we could hear snoring. The guests were very non-intrusive, but it's not an ideal situation.

Wifi was readily available - what was surprising was that you had to pay an additional 100yen each time to use the showers. Given the rate for the rooms is very low, comparatively, it's not a huge problem.

*note: This is not our dorm...this was another room with a bunk bed but I liked the lighting =v=

We were all tired and a little under the weather that night, so we didn't socialize too much with the Rakuen House guests and owners. This is a huge regret on my part, personally, because both Jamhouse and Rakuen House are run by very friendly people who look like they're in their twenties and it's a great way to meet locals and other travelers. I just wish my health had held up for those few days in Kyoto.

I'd recommended Rakuen House if you're traveling alone or as a couple and would like to meet new people. Just be clear about which room you want when booking (: