Visiting Melbourne for the first time after living for more than 17 years in Australia kind of felt like meeting a long lost sister for the first time.

There are glimpses of similarities - parallel worlds of Flinders St Station and Central, the Queen Victoria Markets paralleling Paddy's and even an infinitely creepier Luna Park.

The hour long flight and relaxed nature of the domestic airport (no 10mL limit on liquids and no passport!) felt like a somewhat unusual commute, the stores you were expecting in Sydney were replicated in Melbourne but somehow not (the JB Hifi with a traditional, European storefront, painted bright neon yellow comes to mind).

And yet - the trams, the muted beach front, the feeling of a vastly condensed CBD, as charming as it is. There's a distinctly different flavour to Melbourne and I loved it, though through rose coloured tourist glasses.

And what better way to acknowledge this than to jump into a travel masterpost again, this time arranged into themed posts? Because I am actually incapable of going on a holiday and not writing words or posting photographs I've taken, even if it was only five days. Now complete! (30 April)