This is the story of how my family of 4 have now officially spent 2 weeks without a kitchen stove, thanks to the customer service fail from Domestic Appliances Services and Miele (and fingers crossed the technician actually arrives tomorrow to fix it)

Update (29 March): The stove is fixed, after the technician visited on the 19th and realised the problem had been misdiagnosed all along - it was not a broken part but our electricity circuits (which meant we had to call the electrician instead and got our stove fixed on 24 March). Miele replied on 19 March with an apology after I sent them a link to this, which I thank them for.

The basic summary of it all:

Miele and Domestic Appliance Service delayed replacement of an essential kitchen appliance by 1 week without any communication to its customer of shipment progress, notification of its delay or substitutes for its product or any attempt to find out the reason for the delay. 

It took the customer personally chasing up 3 different people in order to get a single update about the stove situation.

We bought our Miele electric stove in May 2013 at a pretty hefty price of $800 but we'd picked it because of its good brand reputation. It's a shame I can't say the same for its customer service - it really should reconsider the calibre of companies it's attaching its name to for repairs.

The broken stove


  • 4 March (evening) - Stove breaks down
  • 6 March - We call Domestic Appliances Services ('DAS') (our closest official Miele Service Agent) who sends a technician. Our power control unit is broken. They need to order it from Miele Melbourne. We live in Sydney. They estimate that it will arrive by 13 March at the latest (usually 11/12 March)
  • 12 March - No news. We contact DAS. Receptionist says parts have not arrived and will tell technician to contact us when he comes back in the afternoon
  • 14 March - Call DAS for the second time. Same response.
  • 17 March (morning) - Still absolutely no response from DAS. We call again in the afternoon. Receptionist says same thing and that she will call us in the afternoon to let us know. No information given about when the parts will arrive or when it will be mailed.
  • 17 March (afternoon) - We call again and ask for technician's personal mobile Technician said he ordered parts on 7 March but no explanation for delay.We asked and he confirmed that:

    • He had not called or emailed Miele Melbourne about the delay
    • He had not checked whether order had been dispatched (he informed us midway through conversation that parts had been dispatched 11 March)
    • We asked if he could call Miele Melbourne to ask but he said he was 'busy'
    • He did not know if there was a tracking number
  • We call Miele Melbourne who says they dispatched the order on 14 March. We should get it in 3 - 4 days
  • 18 March (morning) - DAS call us to say parts have arrived. Technician will come around tomorrow (19 March) to install

Here's what I want to make clear from the outset - postage can be delayed. Things can go wrong, even if you do your best to keep track of shipments. I get it. Things happen that is out of our control and, in the broader scheme of things, 2 weeks isn't a long time. Even if we had to cook food for 4 people on one hotpot electric stove (which we owned).

What's appalling is the total lack of communication and commitment that Miele and its extension company gave us throughout this period.

Our life. For 2 weeks.


For a global company with a good brand reputation, this is a huge disappointment. I really hope this calls for a review of their company's communication policies and customer service system.