The brief period of time before Mum began her new job meant that she was at home when infomercial hour was on, which in turn resulted in her excitedly showing me a box full of Nude beauty and skincare products, courtesy of their promotion - $170 for this entire set of 'all natural' products.

It's been quite awhile since I took these photos and wrote the review so this is a bit of a backlog post. The tail end of the uni semester is not a pleasant place.

Here are all the beauty products. I've only tried the lipgloss, which is quite thin and fluid. I hate the heavy feeling of lipgloss on the skin so this was good for me. The colour is quite light. I am not one to put on much powder, blush or bronzer on a regular basis so I haven't been able to test the other products out.

The eyeshadow palette was a little disappointing because a dark grey smokey eye is not something I do a lot - I would have preferred the Ultimate Nude shade.

These are the products I've used:

  • Nude Daily Cleanser (not pictured) has a really pleasant lime/citrus smell, which I absolutely love. The gel is clear and quite thick, meaning a small dollop can lather most of the face. It takes awhile to lather but it leaves a good, thoroughly cleansed feeling because you're massaging it into your skin quite thoroughly.
  • I usually follow up from cleansing with a few drops of Nude Oil on the scars on my face. I've switched to Bio-Oil a few months ago because it's a bit more powerful. The oil doesn't have much of a smell and is fairly light and more watery than you'd expect. Only a few drops goes pretty far
  • Nude Miracle Serum is definitely the most outstanding of the lot. It's a thin, white-ish serum which has an almost lychee-like smell to it and leaves a very cool sensation on the face when rubbed in. It leaves a wonderfully velvet-y feeling to the skin once it dries, particularly if you lock it into place with the moisturiser. Properly applied, the soft feeling to the face can last at least half a day. The packaging is cute and simple too
  • A few words on the Oil-Free Moisturiser - a small squirt of the pump does the job. It's very thick and goes on almost like a lather than you need to really massage into your face. Combined together with the oil and the serum, it does give your skin a moisturised feeling that lasts throughout the day
  • I've used Bright Eyes eye lotion occasionally - the lotion is cooling, but that may just be the metal roller ball creating that effect. I haven't noticed any particular lasting effects beyond the initial application