In the fit of ennui brought about after assessment period where you should be preparing for the next assessments but just want to spend the days lazing away...I draw to keep myself sane. And at least somewhat productive (shh, don't tell me).

And if I'm going to be drawing pretty girls (and guys) and trying out a new style with new brushes, why not gift some of my favourite fashion bloggers with some art?

Rough speed sketches though...sorry if I didn't quite do them justice because they're all so gorgeous

Margaret from Shine by Three - who was one of the lovely SULS execs who supervised law camp last year but whom I have yet to actually 'meet'... I'll be attending her workshop on Thursday at The Galeries so I hope to give her a print of this (maybe?)
Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters, who is one of my favourite Youtubers. Utterly adore her style (the depicted outfit was me taking some creative license). I hope she'll come to Australia some time ; v ;
Ivania from Love Aesthetics because her whole life is an aesthetic marvel and all of her blogposts are works of art in themselves. Again, clothes created with some creative license.