aka. Food and Puzzles (Part 2) + Poker
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, happy religious holiday if you're celebrating one and happy holidays to everyone else~ 
This should be the second or third last post of the Coffs trip

In the final stages of completing the eternally frustrating red sections of the puzzle...everyone was a little too excited.

The beautiful, completed puzzle. 1000 pieces. 3 days' worth of 'spare time'. We gave each other high-fives and took dozens of photos.

I glanced at M as he moved to open the other 1000 piece puzzle box and said, 'Can we seriously finish the second puzzle in the 2 days we have left?'

M looked at me. 'Is that a challenge?'

One hour later.

Tasmanian salmon with a rocket salad and deep fried risotto balls at YKnot Bistro - the only meal we didn't cook ourselves (after a long, tired day of horse riding and bushwalking).
The salad dressing was gorgeous - really balanced the bitterness of the rocket - and I loved the flavour that came from pairing the green apple and feta. The salmon skin was cooked especially well, though the potatoes were slightly underseasoned. The risotto balls were fairly rich and smaller than I thought - they were still nice to eat, but I'd pick something else to try next time.

The pasta we cooked on 'Italian night' (the...fourth night?) - béchamel sauce with fresh bacon and mushroom.

The entire spread. Homemade chicken and mushroom risotto, pizza, lasagne (slightly burnt) and store-bought garlic bread.

Day Three was the night we started playing Poker. I was the first to go bankrupt that night, then proceeded to win all of this the following morning (insert evil laugh). We haven't stopped playing Poker, even after we've come back to Sydney.