Two more nights and I'll be at Sydney Airport, bound for 17 days of Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo with three buddies. The suitcase is somewhat packed, some shirts still lingering on the 'maybe' pile and some bags still open and waiting for last additions the morning of departure. Excited and slightly anxious, if I'm to be honest.

Minimal carry-on packing is the goal.

My newly bought baby - Canon's 50mm f/1.8. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a 40mm f/2.5 in time, but I managed to grab the 50mm for ultimately around $60 so I think it's a fair price for a functional, light lens that can shoot in low light. I also have a backup lens that I'll whip out if I need to be obnoxiously 'professional'.

The iPod Touch is a must, as is my tradition of keeping a travelling diary (beautiful notebook courtesy of Gorman and this evening's awesome goody bag) and a sketchbook (also from this evening, courtesy of Penguin Books) for the non-camera-appropriate moments. Add some mints (not gum - they get soft if you're unfortunate enough to encounter any significant rain), this adorable vintage edition Mickey Mouse-themed bandaid pack (hopefully not necessary to use!) and I'm good to go, all in all.

I have to keep reminding myself that, unlike all my other overseas trips, I'm not going to China (which is synonymous, in my mind, with 'totally cut off from the world for the duration of the trip'). So hopefully I'll be able to post some updates - if not here then on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram.

This is still few days in advance, but 行ってきます~