And with Novak Djokovic's win at the Australian Open yesterday, our family's annual summer tradition of actively following a sport on TV comes to an end.

Congrats to the guy with the best shirt and the lovely bone structure (I am determinedly ignoring M's comment that it looked like a McDonalds uniform).

I usually don't like taking WIP pics because they're always so off and always need tweaking. But I ended up screenshot-ing some images so I might as well share. My reference picture was SUPER LQ but it was the only one with the pose I wanted ; ~ ;

I drew this over the course of watching the match, trying to finish when the match did, and Novak won too quickly so I didn't have time to render his hands properly.

The hardest part was getting his eyes right. I also had to keep trying to find refs for his new hair...not 100% happy but ehhhh, oh well. It was supposed to be a speedpaint.

Hope to see him and the rest of the players at the 2014 Open. Maybe we'll actually try to go down to Melbourne next year to watch the action live, though I hear the effect is pretty much the same as watching at home (apart from the atmosphere, of course).

And to commemorate the end of tennis season fever, two of my favourite tennis videos~

Hoping Nadal will return soon. I have to applaud Federer for putting up such a fight with Tsonga and Murray.

Nadal and Djokovic in Australian Open 2012 Prize Ceremony after a 6 hour final. Poor guys. 1:17 was hilarious (you can see the ballkids cracking up). Thankfully this year's was not nearly as long.