photography: minelaeComment


photography: minelaeComment

Mid-sem break! I managed to do a bit of a photoshoot today, though it started out with a completely different, admittedly ambitious concept (think: fire, swirling fabrics, burning and fire-in-glass-bottles).

I was never a girl scout and fire did not want to cooperate with clear inexperience and general incompetence.

One of these days, I am actually going to plan a proper photoshoot, complete with styling, models and props... but you gotta work with what you have and what I have is light fabrics, a simple, light-drenched backdrop and me, sans makeup and styling (sorry). I'm quite happy with the results from today, as simple as they were. I'll be sharing more shots as soon as I'm able to but, for now, an outtake.

(And yes, I have a veritable backlog of posts for this blog but my backlog of uni readings is bigger. Changes are happening though - watch this space and bear with me for now!).