0kiwi0 at city of gods - one of my favourite DBSK fanartists (: 

I'm pretty sure older fans will know her already because it seems that she's a long-time member of the DBSK fandom. 
Unfortunately, I haven't seen her around much on LJ or elsewhere so I'm not sure how active she is in the fandom nowadays. (she replied very quickly to my LJ message though, so /waves/ hiii) 
I hope she's still making art - she is a huge inspiration for me.
I love the versatility of the styles and mediums of her artworks. Eternal envy at her ability to make watercolours seem so light and beautiful) There's a beautiful effortlessness to her sketches and an ethereal quality in the colours, compositions and subject matter. Love the delicate lines, the cuteness of her chibi DBSKs and the creative use of textures and mixed media. 
Also, I think it's super sweet that she made little sketches for person who commented first on each of her art posts (please do one again soon! ; v ;)
Her masterlist is well worth checking out (and there's usually lovely fic accompanying some of her artworks).
*I renamed this type of post as 'RECS' because it's a bit hard to make things fandom-specific and there are amazing original content creators whom I want to include as well