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A lot of the time, I'm baffled as to why producers don't just hire fans to do their graphic work or write scripts because so much fanwork is heads and shoulders above the official versions and fans actually care.

    So that said, I want to recommend some amazing fan content creators I've stumbled across from all different fandoms. These are the works that really had an enormous impact on my view of fandom, on my way of writing and it's a shame not to shout their names from the rooftops, so to speak.  So I'm shouting their names from this small rooftop. There will also be art but I mostly have fanfic right now.

    Don't be put off by the fandom and trust me. If you even just have a little knowledge of the fandom or are curious, give these fics a go. Also, I'm always open to more recommendations~

    higherarrowsfic @ Livejournal 
    FANDOM: Hunger Games (+ many others)
    Because I've been rereading 'Five Places Cinna Came From' and her fics should be REQUIRED READING for anyone new in fandom.

    It says a lot about this author's writing that I became a fan of her fic, despite the fact I had not 'officially' read the Hunger Games (I read vicariously through Mark Reads). I'm not really in the fandoms of the other fic she writes for, but she's certainly a ridiculously prolific author.

    There are very few people who just seem to get the world of the Hunger Games; to be able to create her own realities that fit seamlessly into the fabric of the world Suzanne Collins created, and to come up with entire, rich cultural histories for the Districts. No detail is missed. She covers different districts' clothes and their food (she describes the different breads eaten in each district). The details in the language is not just in words like 'ferning' but extends even the metaphors and figurative language used by different people from different districts. You don't even think about these things but she does. And their beliefs and how customs are shaped by those beliefs (Four inherently tied with Greek mythology just fits).

    I'm quoting from one of the reviews I wrote on her fic because I think I expressed myself better than I'm currently able to: There's a layer of darkness in so many of her fics and brutal, raw reality that I don't even know if Collins expressed completely in canon only because her fic doesn't mask the horrendous implications and all the things left unsaid in a PG-13 novel, but instead hits you in the face and leaves you smarting from the blow.

    She makes the underlying horrors of the Hunger Games and Panem so much more real and that's something I appreciate ridiculously.

    Incidentally, her unofficial guide to Panem book will be released this year and I am ridiculously excited!

    RECS (please read the information (including warnings) at the top of the fic

      • The Funeral Rites of Tributes
        If you want proof for how beautifully and deeply the author has thought about and crafted her head canon. Funeral rites are fascinating reflections of culture but it's funny I never thought of that until I read this fic

        • Five Places Cinna Came From 
          One of the best long!fic I've read, full stop. I was a pretty teary mess by the end. I love all of them but I just adore Four, One and Seven. The gentle, heartbreaking suffering and affection of Four, the twisted, haunting and horrific angst in One that's offset by endearing, childish innocence and just. Seven. The last lines of Seven.