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Basically I love this author and everything she writes. The end.

OKAY, FINE. She was one of the first DBSK writers I discovered upon entering fandom and so many of my favourite stories are written by her. She has a beautiful, understated way with words and gorgeous turns of phrases. There's a quiet power to the simplicity of some of her stories and bittersweet angst in others. She writes for a wide range of genres, ratings and fandoms and all with seemingly effortless ease.

I especially love her pseudo-realistic fic - she just captures the grittiness and world weariness underlying the idol industry so amazingly well. RPF is not something that everyone tolerates, understandably, and it takes quite a bit of adjustment. Overall, it's still a rather misunderstood genre of fanfic but there really are lots of good, non-creepy stories out there if you're willing to give it a chance.

What's special about quirke's stories is that the underlying themes in her stories is so universal. The fandom enhances a lot of her fic but lots of her writing can exist independently of fandom as well (it helps to be in fandom though, because there are lots of references to in-jokes and small moments picked up in many variety shows/performances).

Some of my favourite stories of hers actually involve fandoms that I do not usually read fic for at all.  Comb through her amazing masterlist - the ones below are my personal favourites but she's a prolific author and there are definitely other great fic she has there.

I think she's mostly left fandom...or at least stopped writing fic for DBSK? It's a rather enormous loss but I hope she's doing well.

RECS (please read the information - including warnings - at the top of the fic

  • Entre Nous
    Changmin-centric. Yunjae

    Basically, Changmin's life is hard. The perfect companion to this fic is the Changmin's Life Tumblr. 

  • Homecoming
    DBSK, Four Minute, 2NE1, SNSD, SHINee

    Super cute, hilarious fic. Power to girl groups, basically. Baby SHINee dongsaeng (OT5!Dong Bang SHINee remains something I will forever find adorable and heartbreakingly short-lived)

  • Whodunit
    Band!fic. HoSu

    Was laughing so hard the first time I read this. You kind of have to watch the Happy Together segment first, to get it.

  • Miniature Disasters

    It's very hard to write original characters in fanfic who stand on their own and have everyone still seem in-character. 

  • Awkward Duet
    Big Bang, DBSK

    Junsu is a strange person.. This fic somehow captures that rare quality about him that you can't really place.

  • Sundowning

    There's something so depressingly broken about the beginning of this fic - a hollowness and bitterness that really struck me when I first read it. And it slowly stitches itself up as you read along and you end up with a scar - not perfect but realistic and tentatively hopeful and it's basically just beautiful.

    JYJ post-lawsuit. Not quite a clean break and as angsty and believable as you can imagine but somehow just hopeful enough to be gorgeous.
  • Sunny Otaku

    'Jae treats his customers with the care of someone who seems to understand the delicateness of their quiet squeals and racing hearts.'

    Pure sweetness. Lots of fluff and cute, a dash of wistfulness and nostalgia, and we will be old one day.