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S introduced me to Reuben Hills - lovely little cafe/restaurant in Surry Hills and only about a 5 - 10min walk from Central.

The inside decor was a lovely combination of rustic brick and wooden elements, and clean modern lines. We're wondering what goes on upstairs and what the tanks are for?

If you're wondering why the photos have a pink tinge, it's because S and I were sitting at the 'booth', which was lit up by these awesome pink fluorescent lights.

It's so weird because I usually associate this tinge with Asian butcher shops... but it didn't put me off my food or anything so that's good?

Also, can I just say...I love restaurants that give wonderful paper napkins and Reuben Hills certainly had some pretty amazing napkins. Is that weird? They're just so thick and soft and nice - it's like the restaurant equivalent of using packs of 4 ply branded tissues (at $1 each - eyeroll, I know) to wipe your nose instead of boxes of cheaper, ordinary tissues that you buy in bulk.

I had already had lunch earlier so I just ordered a dessert and stole some chicken from S.
The Dogg's Breakfast was a vanilla ice cream sandwich with salted caramel. I loved the salted caramel - it was very soft and had an incredibly vivid flavour - a tiny amount was enough to balance a half a spoonful of ice-cream sandwich.
The biscuit was really crumbly and soft - I would have liked a slightly more 'solid' base for some textural contrast but it wasn't a bad ice-cream sandwich, all in all.
The only problem was that I finished all the ice-cream before I finished the caramel (the flavour was that intense)
I would say it leans on the expensive side, for dessert at $9, but it's worth trying out the salted caramel, whether in this dessert or in the Salted caramel milkshake that S had. The milkshake portion was pretty big (you can see it in the background of the photo below)
I was pretty much sold on this place after I saw they had Really fucking great Fried Chicken as a menu item (there is actually quite a lot of chicken in the basket...or they're just really filling). Fixed the colours on the second picture a bit.
The skin isn't really 'fried', as much as crumbly but the chicken was cooked really well and was really tender.
The chicken fingers weren't spicy in themselves (well, the ones further away from the chilli were not) but the sauce packed a bit of punch. (I'm notoriously bad with spicy foods, though, so I may not be an accurate gauge.
Reuben Hills is definitely worth a re-visit. I look forward to sampling more of their menu (:

(small note: sorry about all the food photos and entertainment review overloads in the past few weeks. I like to think my interests and T-AI are more varied, but I haven't had much time to work on other post types. I will soon, hopefully)