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You could go to Senyai purely to admire the interior design and I wouldn't blame you, but it's a good thing the food is tasty too. Another gem hidden inside Town Hall's Regent Place.

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Senyai has incredible interior design - rustic and full of amazing (vintage?) Thai paraphernalia (it also has a bathroom HIDDEN IN THE WALL). It's very bustling and cosy.

The only thing is that the restaurant is very long and narrow, so maybe not the best place to eat with a large crowd of friends (if only to avoid disturbing other diners).

The waitresses cheerfully accommodated our party of 10, though they had to put three tables together to do so (the tables tend towards the small side so we were squeezed just a little bit but it was still comfortable)

I wasn't feeling very hungry so I just took bits and pieces from all the dishes my table ordered, which ranged from pork belly to duck to beef pad thai. Most of the dishes were slightly spicy, but small portions were fine, even to my super-sensitive-to-spiciness tongue.

All were on the slightly pricier end, but full of flavour and it's definitely another restaurant on my 'to-revisit' list. Most of the dishes come without rice so I would recommend sharing with friends if you want more variety.

The barbeque chicken was a highlight - cooked really well and set off well by the sweet-and-sour chilli sauce. I just wish there was more - the chicken only constituted the top layer, with steamed vegetables underneath.

Unfortunately, they had run out of entrees like the satay chicken skewers (to be fair, I think it was almost 7:45pm by the time we sat down).