While all the star signs, horoscopes, hilariously self-indulgent pseudo quizzes, Chinese medicine doctors and even Pottermore may say that my element is decidedly an overabundance of fire, it's the airy and ephemeral that has always captured my imagination and love. Give me tall, rocky mountains hovering above the clouds, rollercoasters cutting through the sky, the freefall thrill of bungee jumps (highly recommended) and ticking off the 'skydiving in Swiss alps' portion of an incomplete bucket list. Give me the choice, and lanky, broad-shouldered, thin-limbed body type that this element seems to favour, and I would float through life on loose, silky draped shirts and layers of semi-sheer organza.

In reality, capturing the suggestion of effortlessness involves a decidedly more solid endeavour of burst mode, scarves unearthed from my mother's closet and many, many outtakes on possibly the most un-styled model of all time (and looking rather angrier than intended).

Crawling my way through the dying breaths of semester and as I approach the 'halfway' mark of my degree, it's time to do some serious building. You must never forget to let the breeze take you where it may, but there are times of dead air when you need to create your own wind machine.

Changes to come over the summer, promise.