Product review of the two sweaters I bought on sale from Sheinside (●△●✿)I ordered the products on the 27th April and they arrived 8th May. They cost about $54USD altogether (after I joined and applied the 10% discount).

Note: I'm very honest with my product reviews and try to be as factual and accurate as I can to help people who are considering purchasing from the store. I don't like to return things unless something is terribly wrong with them and usually just bear with any minor setbacks.

Grey Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket

The fabric is light and soft and makes a great autumn transition piece. The size discrepancy was less extreme with this sweater than with the dark grey one, but there were still some differences.

My main advice is don't rely 100% on the pictures of the product on the website - definitely measure the measurements they give you, and look more closely at the Buyer's Show section to what it looks like on people. The sweater is shorter and more box-y than the product picture would suggest (also, the pocket is fake, which made me pretty sad).

Sleeve length, neckline and shoulder width are about 2-3cm shorter than what is given in the measurements. The 57cm across the front and 50cm overall length is accurate.

Dark Grey Zippered Curved Hem Jumper

The fabric is soft and I love the soft stretch fabric of the sleeves, but this really ended up more as a semi-cropped sweater.

The measurements given on the website are pretty inaccurate so be careful. I measured the sweater myself - the front is 39cm, the back is 52cm and the bust is around 48cm at most (measuring from under where the sleeve joins the body of the sweater).  Measuring diagonally from the highest point in the shoulder to the lowest tip of the back gives you 61cm, and the sweater is about 50cm from the tip of the shoulder straight down to the front hem.

Of course, I don't know if it was just my sweater or if all the sweaters are like this - anyone else who's ordered this, I'd be interested to know what the measurements were for your order.

I guess I'm just fortunate that I quite like the cropped sweater style, but you really can't tuck this sweater into anything other than high waisted bottoms, and even then you may have difficulty.

Overall, I can't say that the products were what I was expecting, given there were all these discrepancies with the sizing. 

They're still fairly decent sweaters (though thinner than I expected), but I definitely encourage you to be cautious with 'one size' products.

All the colours in the photo are unedited and taken in natural, afternoon lighting. I'm around 161cm (5'3").

 Comment below if you have any questions (: