At its core, from what I've gleaned from ad-hoc osmosis via T-Lo and regularly stalking some of my favourite bloggers, understanding fashion is like understanding art: it's all about relationships between form, colour, shape and texture. And your 'style' is the consistent communication of your preferences for certain relationships - or perhaps because you're constantly trying new relationships. And, as a student, it's also about balancing factors like price, practicality and wear.

This brings me to shoes - more specifically shoe shape, which was something that only clicked relatively recently. To put it simply: blunt toed shoes generally make you seem 'younger'.

If you don't have a pair already, you want shoes that are fairly narrow, cut at the ankles or lower and tight at the ankles to streamline your silhouette and elongate the legs. And while a bit of heel is great for those with high arches, you'd definitely prefer to be stomping up and down the road to university with <5cm heel.

The Mode Collective's Cross Strap Boots (still on sale! Get to it!) tick all the checkboxes and I've been wearing them excessively as my new 'staple shoe'. Contemplating an investment in the Black Croc one too... grab a good deal while it's hot, right?

Thankfully, unlike my Docs, there was almost no breaking-in process. The leather is very soft and I love the relatively subtle gold detailing (you'll also be easily found at night). The only minus is that the strap has to be undone every time - there isn't the 'cheat buckle' like a lot of other shoes. The shoes do run a little bit large because of the pointy toe but some relatively thick socks will take care of it and it probably prevents breaking-in blisters.