Broke out my watercolour paints after ages and literally had to break through a layer of dried paint around the cap... guilty of neglecting traditional painting media as charged. It started out as a screencap of Tom Hiddleston as Adam from Only Lovers Left Alive (and a further advancement of my 'down the fangirl hole' state regarding dear Mr. Hiddleston) but I have yet to fully capture the essence of celebrities in the manner of Alice Zhang.

But the movie - such a curiously beautiful one, full of ennui, tired affection and amazing cinematography. It's a character study, more than a plot-driven movie but it's half faded paint, abandoned streets and 3AM streetlights with a specific, dingy romanticism that I love watching. I also loved the music, which was like something that came out of storybook (stereotypical) myths of Arabia with its minimal lute notes. And it's all completed by that je nai se quoi about Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton, who are both tall, thin, alien beings with bone structures that I sob quietly about.

And the accents. Oh, the accents.

You are welcome.