日本の食べ物のポーストです〜  Really belated. 

Hana Hana (Sussex St) revisit (full restaurant review) and Ajisen Ramen food photos and mini restaurant review.

We had dinner on the top floor of Hana Hana and it's now my default place to sit. The shop has gorgeous interior decor. Traditional Japanese fabrics, plush looking cushions and a great ambiance.

Pork okonomiyaki shared with C and M ($7.90, from memory?). You add the sauce yourself. Also, a teriyaki chicken don (mini) ($3.30). Really lovely.

I definitely recommend getting the hot, 'to order' foods from Hana Hana instead of the fried foods displayed on the counter.

Poor quality phone photo of my second Hana Hana visit. Bill totaled $11.

Tempura prawn was fairly solid but the fish tempura was lukewarm and flat. Abalone salad had nice sauce but the abalone didn't taste particularly fresh. The salmon onigiri was warm but only had the barest suggestion of salmon.

All in all, not a particularly good visit, I'm afraid. Thank goodness the third visit redeemed itself.

Ajisen Ramen (Hurstville branch) - karaage ramen and takoyaki.

I haven't actually heard any good things about Ajisen Ramen in Sydney, despite it being super famous overseas.

The takoyaki was on the 'tasty' side because it was fresh and hot - though I've tasted better. I enhanced the reds a bit too much in my post-edit but I don't have time to go back and change it so...sorry. It's not as red as it looks in the photo.

The ramen was cooked well. It's a very generous portion (for me, at least). The broth, however, was rich and too oily for my tastes.

My karaage, on the other hand, was some of the best karaage I've had anywhere - piping hot, freshly fried and amazingly tender inside. Indulgent comfort food fried to perfection.