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Lunch with the co-workers at The Cuban Place, near the QVB. Would recommend this place if you're looking for some lovely rich flavours, maybe on a really cold, gloomy day. Things are on the pricier side, but not too bad ($17 - $27ish for a main). Love the rustic interior and the high backed sofa booths.

Pan Cubano - roasted pork belly on Cuban bread with mozarella. Deep in the indulgent, unhealthy side of lunch and impossible to actually eat as a sandwich, personally, but amazing taste and a great occasional treat. The crispy skin on the pork belly was really well cooked and the mozarella went surprisingly well with the meat. The bread itself was delicious - crispy enough to add some crunch but not too hard.

The sweet potato chips were cold and rather soft though - I expected them to be really warm and crunchy. Not sure if that was the intended taste or whether they had just let the chips go cold.

C ordered a T-Bone steak that looked amazing as well. Can't vouch for any flavours, but we did order a separate bowl of those roasted potatoes and they were pretty well seasoned.