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The Dip is a good find for the hungry university student in need of carbs and sodium - fairly reasonable menu prices, filling food, interesting interior decor, great ambiance, trivia games and what looks like a secret portal into some sort of club at the back.

Not kidding.

The only downsides are that it's relatively small (S and I managed to snag a booth in a very serendipitous moment but I wager we won't be so lucky next time) and it's only open Wednesday - Saturday.

Fries with chipotle mayo. Very subtle mayo flavour and just hot enough to raise a tiny bit of sweat on the nose. I should add, though, that my spiciness tolerance level is almost zero so I might be overestimating it. Chips were fresh and piping hot.

Probably more filling than we realised at the time (we were both super hungry after trekking it Town Hall to Circular Quay and back).

I ordered their Southern Smoke burger. Burger bun was great - soft and warm. Loved the tender, smoky pork and the sauce The beans make it a much more filling dinner than you might expect. I couldn't really taste the apple in the coleslaw though, and it lacked the punctuating bit of tang.

Again, I found it slightly spicy but most probably won't even register it.

S ordered Pulled Pork Nachos, which were really filling, apparently (also considering we had eaten chips beforehand).  You could easily share between two people with smaller appetites.

There were some really intriguing desserts on the menu but we were both too full to stomach anything else so we left. I'm definitely putting The Dip on the 'to revisit' list though - it's well worth checking out.

(also, Happy Valentines Day! : D)