Despite it being the place for daily ferry commutes and the closest station to the MCA, I don't really visit Circular Quay a lot. When I do, though, there's always something exciting happening when I do visit, like the guy above drawing on giant pieces of cloth with soft pastels, which was impressive. Having taken 2 years of art class using soft pastel, it's still not a medium I enjoy using, 100%. I still vividly associated it with the smell of hairspray (which was used to bond the pigment to canvas) and the lingering numbness at the fingertips from smudging the colours out of the lines.

There was some sort of event on at the MCA...lots of adults dressed in a whole assortment of costumes. This Marge Simpson was pretty fabulous.

Having lived in Sydney for so long, you'd think we'd be well acquainted with the prime tourist attractions that first time visitors rush to so eagerly, but that's...not actually really true. Case in point: The Rocks.  I should add all this took place the same day as my previous photography post - I thought it would be better to break the post up thematically (:

We started off with Pancakes on the Rocks which I hadn't actually been to until that point. Honestly, not the best place to go to for dinner unless you can share a sweet and savoury pancake with a friend if you wanted a 'dinner' experience because it was hard to finish two plates (and it'll amount to more than $20).
I ordered the Lemontyne pancake and garlic and herb bread crusts. The pancakes were quite nice and very filling but the only lemon flavour came from manually squeezing lemon juice onto the cream and vanilla ice-cream, which was disappointing. The bread crusts were cooked well but slightly under-seasoned. M's order from the breakfast menu looked more appealing.
Some shots from the Friday night markets
Monet cupcakes. Not sure why they're 'Monet cupcakes' though

I think I've only really been to the Rocks a handful of times - perhaps an odd school trip, M's birthday party several years ago where we did a creepy tour of the old buildings and once, I think, with family when I was very young.

It was kind of funny to attend The Rocks Village Bizarre and feel a bit like a tourist wandering around the area for the first time. On the whole, it was a pretty low key event - very homely, quite understated - but there are definitely worse ways to spend a Friday evening.

We were kind of disappointed because we were hoping for more street art (especially since we thought the White Rabbit Bar was affiliated with the White Rabbit Art Gallery), but there was really only these lampshades in one of the alleys that we could find.

The White Rabbit Bar was really crowded so we didn't go inside, but the masks they were giving out were really pretty - embossed with intricate patterns and tied with white ribbon