Traditional Afternoon Tea at The Tea Room QVB will set you back $88 for two people but, if you're willing to spend the money (or have a gift voucher hehe), it makes for a beautiful high tea experience with someone special (in this case, my mum). The tea room is beautiful and bright, and the environment was lively but not overly loud. The dress requirements are not really that formal but it's fun to dress up a bit. The waiters were cheerful, well-dressed and polite~

The package is a set menu - you just have to choose the tea and tell them if you have any dietary requirements. I chose the Superior Oolong, which I really loved for its aroma (I'm not a tea connoisseur by any stretch so I can't give a more detailed breakdown than that).

The teapot and strainer are a polished silver that photographed brilliantly, though they looked pretty well used. I started off with a bit of sugar in the tea but, actually, unsweetened tea is actually a perfect way to cut through all the sweetness of the desserts.

**Disclaimer: The waiter introduced all the dishes when he set them in front of us, but it's been awhile so I've forgotten...the names are not accurate Sorry ):

scones, baked spinach & ricotta roll

fresh cream & raspberry (I


) jam

  • The scone was actually one of the best I've tasted - light, fluffy and warm - and the jam was amazing. I don't usually eat cream of any sort, but this one was cool, light and fresh

fruit tart, orange and poppyseed muffin, chocolate coffee 'slice'


chicken sandwich, egg sandwich, quiche

macaron, passionfruit biscuit, lemon tart

  • Fruit tart was a perfect balance of light custard (not too sweet), tangy fruit and a crumbly tart
  • Coffee flavour of the slice was really vivid but the slice was unexpectedly soft (I don't know whether it's because we left it to last but the base wasn't a biscuit like I expected)
  • Chicken sandwich had wonderful mayonnaise. There were walnut bits and probably some other nuts inside, which made for an interesting texture
  • Quiche had a plain egg filling - soft and fluffy - that was actually flavoured really well~
  • The strawberry (I think...) macaron was the most disappointing, but mostly because I find macarons beautiful to photograph but not so nice to eat. The biscuit, especially, was too sweet for me
  • The lemon tart was a more photogenic and delicate version of the ones I made with my friends and it was well balanced between the lemon's tanginess and sweetness of the meringue
  • The passionfruit biscuit was really nice too - shortbread biscuits with a tangy cream filling

It doesn't actually look like a lot, but I personally felt quite full after eating my share of the food. That said, it is supposed to be an afternoon tea (we went at 1pm after a pretty late breakfast) so it might not be quite enough to substitute for lunch, but it would be a lovely thing to have perhaps 3 hours after your last substantial meal.

One thing I have noticed is that the menu doesn't change frequently (the food I ate in August was the same as some other friends', who went in May), so multiple visits may become repetitive (it's probably worth asking how often they change their menus).

It's definitely worth a visit if you feel like splurging on something lovely (●´▽`)