My tofebruary package arrived on the 24th! It was shipped out on the 17th so it was a bit of a wait, but postage from the US seems to always take that long because...Australia.

I ordered:
I won a $25 gift voucher through Omona (the first time I've won anything through luck), which I used to pay part of the cost. There was a sweet note on the invoice~ Thanks to Cara for being super friendly with processing my order (I don't know if you wrote the note but, if that was you, thank you again~)

This is through the 'antique' Line Camera filter (the normal lighting was really terrible and it looked better through this filter lmao). The actual colour is brighter.

The three necklaces look like this~ All the pendants have loops big enough to take them off the chain, which is great for me because I switch chains for necklace pendants a lot. All of them were a great length and pretty light.

Saturn necklace Imitation Vivienne Westwood design FTW. I was pleasantly surprised by the detailing on the pendant. The gold is not as bright or light as the photos would suggest, but that's something I like (not a fan of super shiny jewellery). The chain is a very dark gold (it almost looks brown or black in lowlight). The only slight criticism I have is the back of the pendant - the round planet part is hollow and the gold coating was a little clumsy and had a few air bubbles. I don't think that's a huge issue when you wear it though.

This is what the saturn necklace looks like from the back

2 tone feather necklace I saw another version of this in the markets a couple of days ago for $1 less than the tofebruary price. However, the chain from tofebruary makes up for that, because it feels more solid and is generally prettier. The pendant looks exactly like it does in the advertised picture - love the shininess and the tiny bit of sparkle in the three round diamonds at the top. The only thing that worries me is the clasp of the necklace, which feels slightly fragile because you're constantly snapping the thin wire base in and out. That's mostly just me being neurotic though.

Raincloud necklace This necklace is so adorably pretty~ I have honestly not seen a similar necklace anywhere. The entire necklace - from the raindrops to the clasp - is really delicate, which worries me a bit because I know I'll end up snapping something or something will drop off...but I'll worry about that when it happens. I can't wait to wear it with light, summer-y clothes.

I'm definitely keeping an eye out for more lovely products from the website. Thanks again for the giveaway (ノ´∀`*)ノ