We stayed at Clinton and Sachiko's apartment for our entire time in Tokyo - the place was a clean, modern and well-furnished apartment in a quiet neighbourhood that was a little removed from the city centre but still a lovely place to stay.

The problem of living in a place for too long is that you forget to take photos of it (or only have your 50mm lens handy so can't get a complete shot of the room) and the place got a bit messy for me to take photos of during our stay. So you'll probably only get bits and pieces of the apartment from my photos - but the photos on AirBnb are accurate.

The apartment was located in Ookayama, a few minute's walk from the train station area, which had a Tokyu supermarket, post office (with foreign card accepting ATM!), McDonalds and a fresh food market.

The place does only have one bedroom/living room but if you're spending 90% of the day out like us, it's not a huge issue anyway.

To get to most places in Tokyo, we had to travel to Meguro or Oimachi and then transfer to either the JR Yamanote Line or the Keihin-Tohoku line. Luckily, Ookayama is a 'big' stop, so express trains do stop there. It sounds complicated but it's pretty easy to master and travel time was about 15 - 20min to Shibuya (and faster, if you caught the express).

Unfortunately, transport in Tokyo is quite pricey so a fairy large portion of our costs went into internal travel.

The apartment is simple, modern and furnished with thick futons, air conditioning, a double fold-out sofa-like bed (which fitted three of us), towels, washing machine, kettle, microwave and mini fridge, just to name a few.

The cupboard in the main bedroom/sitting room are big enough to hold suitcases and housed the four of us reasonably well (but is definitely more comfortable with two or three people).

Everything from cutlery to abundant toilet paper, slippers, garbage bags, shampoo and body wash was provided, which was an enormous relief. We didn't get to meet Clinton but Sachiko-san was very willing to help us.

R, really enjoying the bed

The only setback of the apartment was that the Wifi had a tendency to conk out or disappear depending on where you were in the room. For the four of us, who are Internet-dependent travelers and who were using Skype frequently to keep in contact with people at home, this was a source of frustration.

If you're looking to stay in Tokyo for a longer period of time with more than two people and/or don't mind the slight hassle of commuting, Clinton and Sachiko's apartment is a very decent apartment that will be a very comfortable stay.