shibuya, airbnb, stays, apartment, kei's house, review, sketch and run My best advice for those travelling to Tokyo is to pick a central location. You may fork out a little more, in terms of accommodation, but the sheer fact that we could cross the Shibuya Scramble Crossing everyday on our way home is seriously worth it. And if you're not picky about your travel accommodation perfectly resembling a hotel, Kei's Tokyo Shibuya Room is seriously good value


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Let me just rave a little about the location because it is really the star selling point of the apartment. You don't realise how convenient it is until you're literally a 10min walk from Shibuya station and can wander Centre Gai on your way home every day. You can save on transport costs (which really add up if you have to do lots of line changes!), access a dozen lines of transport out across Tokyo and famous attractions are at your doorstep. There's an ever-essential conbini (コンビニ) just up the road and restaurants aplenty just up the road but it's still quiet enough to feel a little removed from the hustle and bustle (apart from the rubbish truck days).

Having used Airbnb for several trips already, it's still quite rare to come across a room that really embodies the core idea of people sharing their homes with guests. Going inside Kei's room though, you could immediately feel this is not a guesthouse but his actual apartment, from the volumes of Hunter x Hunter on the shelves to the memos on the wall, the little pot plants by the sink to a particular preference for Amway cleaning products. It's charming in its own way and really shows a little of his personality.


shibuya, airbnb, stays, apartment, kei's house, review, sketch and run

The apartment is built for one person or two at most and will be quite short on space, especially if you have large suitcases. Thankfully, there is a (small) elevator. The sofa bed is very wide but, once lowered, there really isn't much room to move around. However, if you're going to just be using it to sleep, it's fine. Little things really helped, like the humidifier for winter dryness and free Wifi (which was fairly fast and reliable).

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A few points of improvement - the bathroom and the electric stove on the kitchen could have been a little cleaner. Even though there was a foam mat on the floor of the bathroom that protected your feet, there was quite a bit of old dirt on the floors and near the shower. The bedsheets, futon and pillows, though clean, looked quite old and well-used and could be replaced with slightly newer versions for guests. There was no kettle for hot water, though we managed by boiling water in a pot on the electric stove.

It would also be helpful to leave instructions about how to use the taps (there were two, one of which was filtered water) and about how to throw out rubbish and use the washing machine on the balcony.

To his credit, Keiさん was a very responsive, enthusiastic caring host and always replied quickly to my messages and questions the entire length of our stay and beforehand. There weren't a lot of photos of the room (especially the kitchen) on the Airbnb listing and he readily provided more photos upon my request.

I would definitely recommend Kei's room to anyone who finds the size suitable. It's truly great value for such a brilliant location and if the bedsheets and cleaniness could be improved, it would basically be perfect.

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