Having added a fourth check next to the 'number of times I've been to Tokyo' list, I usually say to people who ask about Tokyo that it's a 'beautiful place to travel'. That specific phrase.

TOKYO 2014

Despite its high population density and the tightly packed architecture, I rarely get a sense of chaos in Tokyo as a whole - granted, this comes from a series of short, concentrated exposures to the country through a tourist lens. Perhaps it's my love for miniatures or the fact my height is not an issue in the low-ceilinged, narrow-spaced reality that comprises living spaces in Tokyo - but perhaps it's also the attention to detail that goes into so many components of living in Japan. Small decorations outside shops, plastic covers for your shopping in the rain, paper covers for books bought; things that shouldn't matter but shows that people care.

And if Tokyo occasionally feels like it's divided into salarymen, students and the 'well-dressed-people-who-wander-around-and-shop-on-a-weekday-what-on-earth-do-you-do-for-a-living??' group, your tourist self will be firmly in the last category and thus you can enjoy the full splendor of Omotesando's alleys and the Marunouchi buildings at Tokyo station at your leisure.

Where else can you have a spotlessly dressed man in a white suit wear a lamb hat on his head at the Shibuya crossing and no one gives him a second glance? Amazing.