Reading several other blog entries on Osaka food, I was determined to give Mizuno okonomiyaki a try - and it was worth the hype.

It took us much wandering up and down Dotonbori to get the right street. Find the Glico man and turn left into the side of Dotonbori with the giant crab and keep walking until you see an alleyway with a sign with dragon decorations on your right. 

It was not crowded in Mizuno going in at around 5pm - we were the only people in the top floor, in fact - but there was definitely a reasonably sized line when we left so go there early before the dinner rush.

The waiters also served as our chefs and cooked the okonomiyaki in front of us, layering the ingredients one at a time.

I'm pretty sure you can cook it yourselves, but I think the waiters saw us looking lost and took pity on us and did the entire thing (and hey, leave it to the experts, no?) It was interesting to see the different cooking methods for the different okonomiyaki.

We split the Yamaimo-yaki and Mizuno-yaki between four and left thoroughly sated.

The flavours were brilliant - lettuce fresh and meat tender. The entire thing, on a plate, is a smorgasbord of textures and flavours, cut through by Japanese mayo and the sweet tang of okonomiyaki sauce.

I actually preferred the Mizuno-yaki, which was 'cooked' under a cloche - it was more tender and 'oozy' than the Yamaimo-yaki, which had been cooked longer.

Definitely recommended if you're ever in Osaka.

Mizuno Okonomiyaki
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1-4-15 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0071 Opening: 11:00~22:00