It's been a very difficult week so far and it's only Tuesday. Huh? Perhaps the end-of-the-world, umbrella-destroying weather is to blame (the weather is always to blame) or the series of unfortunate events happening all of yesterday (involving power outages and car accidents - we're all okay!) or my veritable mountain of a to-do-list. And 中文 essays on top of it all. Please make do with all my Asia 2014 - 2015 travel videos (China, Tokyo and Seoul) as a summary of the past five months. Good lord, I've blogged a lot.


This was my first experience making travel videos and I really lovedit and want to do more. I love framing shots, I even love the editing process (my eyes do not love either). The one consistent error I made as a rookie videographer was...well, forgetting to hit 'record' in many, many places. My inner photographer is only concerned about that one frame (or five) - and usually that takes long enough! But hey, baby steps, right?

I only have about three China posts left to go (she says, two months after coming home) and they are the longest and most difficult to write. But hopefully they will be worth it.

I shouldn't be posting this after missing a day but I've just started a small art project: Sketch in Style, in which I sketch outfits I like. More details here.

They say you need to make yourself busy to maximise your efficiency. I haven't necessarily found that to be the case because my twisty mind tends to just find ingenious new ways to maintain my existing levels of mindless entertainment...but let's 加油 and 頑張れ until we make it. 화이팅!