Let me just preface my assessment of VIDinc by saying that, having been sort of 'behind the scenes', I totally appreciate that running this event is not easy. This is the first of its kind to be held in Sydney so inexperience was another factor. I criticise because I think the event could have been much better but it's not personal.

So honestly...the Youtuber line-up was awesome but the event itself was underwhelming and it definitely could have been more considerate for the guests and fans.

My favourite high quality photos can be found at the corresponding Images from Nowhere post. Some photos are unique to this post, others are unique to the IfN post so check them both out~

Personally, I got all I wanted done without having to pay for the most part (other than work to sell tickets beforehand) so I truly believe I was pretty lucky, but I did read valid complaints on the Facebook page and feel terrible for the people who had very bad experiences.

I got a photo with Greg - aka slopsmcgee - who was hanging around the line earlier. He complimented my cheetah shirt and I complimented his magnificent moustache.

PAINT. Oh Paint. I WANTED TO SAY HI TO HIM SO BADLY but I was...in the line when he was doing his meet and greet. I truly think he's one of the most innovative singers and lyricists out there. His paper beatbox and Harry Potter in 99sec videos remain some of my favourite of all time.

M - who I had legit just met in the line - was the sweetest of all lovely people and lent me her VIP pass so I go into the VIP section and take lots of photos of Paint performing up close. He was great - super expressive and relaxed.

I only recently started watching Superwoman videos but she is so cool and absolutely gorgeous and was channeling Russell Peters (a la his first show) slightly. I've since subscribed to her channel and only wish she had more stage time (like all the Youtubers).

D-trix pulled off a great dance performance - and his silent, 'no words' style was really refreshing after a whole day of talking (though there's nothing wrong with that).

Tobuscus was brilliant. No words. I had not completely appreciated how good he is at improvising but I do now. He was such a dynamic performer and absolutely sweet to everyone. His performances possessed an enormous, almost chaotic energy complete with rapid talking and random improvisation, which was so incredible (and rather stupid at times in the Tobuscus way).

I really wish I had purchased a meet and greet ticket for him, but that would have resulted in another 3hr line.

Super disappointed Jayesslee didn't perform more because their acapella is so soothing. They seemed so lovely and soft spoken. Nervous laughter at the audience member who revealed where they lived.

It sounds really dumb, but literally the most vivid thought that was running through my head was 'Ryan/nigahiga's shirt is so soft.' Or maybe it was soft because he had hugged hundreds of people? I gave him my drawing and I hope he liked it.

Close to three hours of waiting and we had maybe a minute of a few friendly words, stop, pose, slightly out of focus photo snapped by the official photographer and I was ushered away (more on this below). I'm not going to pretend it would be a fair tradeoff in any other situation but I appreciated that Ryan was dedicated enough to work through the entire line of fans.

Ryan's segment was mostly answering questions from the audience and taking photos/signing things for the fans who took the chance to ask while on stage. I don't blame them, honestly. I probably would have done the same.

"No, like a thong."

The line for Ryan's Meet & Greet. Note these two pictures make up one line

Now...several main criticisms:

  1. Under-utilised space. They ended up with one gigantic empty Hall 1 and everything else lumped into the Hall 2. There were no chairs for GA and limited general seating where you could actually see the stage. 25% of the VIP seats were consistently empty throughout the day.

The Looze Control dancers had a tiny corner and stage to work with while there was an entire empty warehouse right next door and you could barely hear the music over the main stage.

  • For an entire day and for thousands of people, there was a ridiculously small number of stalls and they were rather threadbare (where was the Youtuber merchandise? Perfect selling opportunity wasted!)The food selection was mediocre and overpriced and my friends and I ended up leaving to get lunch elsewhere in Darling Harbour
  • Crowd management was bad. People were easily waiting hours just to get in or to pick up their tickets.They should have restricted the number of meet and greets to a feasible amount, especially since it was so expensive. Waiting to meet Ryan took around 3hrs - 2hrs more than the allocated time (he was also delayed due to traffic, so the meet and greet only started around 2:30pm). People who had multiple meet-and-greets either had to leave the line or sacrifice the other meet-and-greets.Thank goodness I made some friends in the line because we took turns to walk around to catch the shows. If I had to stand there the entire time, I probably would have given up.

    By the time I got to go up, the organisers were shoo-ing everyone through. We were told no autographs or taking photos with our own cameras. I definitely wanted to give Ryan a break and let him finish early, but after 2hrs watching him sign autographs and take photos with everyone else in the line, the sudden change in the rules was annoying : /

    I had to leave before Jenna Marbles failed to appear on stage, but it was absolutely ridiculous that a supposedly 2hr meet-and-greet took 6hrs and Jenna had to do it in heels.

  • There were not enough perks in the VIP ticket to justify their price, in my opinion. They got a pair of sunglasses and access to the VIP area of the concert but they weren't given any other benefits. Literally none.


This is a lowly audience view of the safety torch video by Toby hehe~

I really hope the same Youtubers (and others) will return to Sydney next year for another VIDinc event or some other occasion, but I really hope the organisers will take the valid criticisms from this year into consideration and create an even better event fitting for its scale.